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[Source] Watch ring jewel bearings

I am looking for a USA based source for some jewel bearings as used
in watches. Specifically looking for olive hole ring jewels with an
ID hole of 0.012" - 0.013" and also 0.017" - 0.018". OD on both
should be in the 0.060" - 0.070" diameter and the thickness should
be in the 0.009" - 0.015" range. I need to locate a reliable supplier
for repeat purchases and looking to get about 50 pieces of each of
the two sizes.

Thanks in advance for any suggests.

Tim Goldstein
Denver, CO

I would think that Otto Frei has them - the have a whole watchmaking
department, separate from tools and findings - I don’t actually know
the sizes and shapes you say, because I’m not a watchmaker, but they
have most everything about watches.

Try for all kinds of watch material. I’ve been buying
from them for over 20 years.

Ed in Kokomo