[Source] Vew marker's mark

Hi All,

I’m looking for someone to make up a new marker’s mark/stamp for me,
I have an existing design that I need to keep to, the size I’m after
is; in total 2mm X 2mm with the actual impression being about 1.8mm
by 1.8mm.

So, any suggestions on this one?

Thank you!!!
Cheers, Thomas.
Janstrom Designs.

Have you tried www.microstampusa.com ?


I used Harper Manufacturing to make my stamp and I was quite pleased
with them. I sent them the artwork and they sent me back a nice
crisp stamp with an impression about 2mm tall. harpermfg.com

Usual disclaimers.

Designs by Lisa Gallagher


Have you tried Infinity Stamps? They have a website:
http://www.infinitystamps.com They will ask you for a design on paper
or email. They are easy to work with.


I had a stamp made at Infinity Stamp in Chatsworth, California. I’m
very pleased with it. They will try to sell you their jig for
stamping on jewelry tags, which is a nifty thing if you stamp all
the same size and shape of tags, but they do make the stamps
separately. They have a website, the name of which I can’t remember.
Google them. They do excellent work.