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[Source] Vaughan dead blow


hi All i was wondering if anyone new of a supplier that carried this
line, I had purchased mine from Rio a few years back it is one of the
best non marring dead blow mallets I have come to use the, the faces
are replaceable, white, and are soft and hard at the same time that
they move metal quite a bit without leaving a trace on textured or
fine detailed metal surfaces. i am trying to replace the faces on
mine but would probably purchase another mallet if I find them.the
size i have is 1.25" face. I looked it up on the net and the company
comes up, and some suppliers come up for the make but not the
mallets, or the sizes are in 2" and above. if anyone is reading this
from Rio Grande please look into this and see if you can supply them
again. I have used a lot of hammers and mallets in my time but this
is one of the better if not the best non marring dead blow mallet I
have had the pleasure to use, English made Vaughan Proffesional Dead
Blow DB125.

thanks Hratch


Dear Hratch,

I would love to know a little more detail about why or how to use a
Dead Blow hammer. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Sharron on vacation in rainy but beautiful Saigon


well it is the same usage as other Mallets, But with added bonuses,
one of them being the weighted mid section of the hammer head so you
use less force to move metal with, but this particular design I found
is supirior to any other dead blow mallets because of the center of
gravity and distribution of wieght is a lot more balance between your
elbow wrist and hammer head, it translates to more control and
accuracy on your aim/hits, less fatigue beccuase the whole hammer is
lighter, and more force going through the hammer head into the metal
which is not being smash/formed but what i like to call Teased into
Form.this design also has the weighted material inside the hammer
head loose, I think it may be lead shot or steel shot, so when you
swing the hammer it acctually accelarates the swing speed till it
hits the metal, so you use less energy that translates to more power,
which means you won’t hurt physically after ahours of usage/work and
there is no Bounce what so ever, none, translating to repeated
accuracy, which is another short coming of a lot of the mallets.
first swing and hit may be accurate, the trick is to stay accurate
after your 3rd or 4rht hit and still have to keep hammering for
another session. and above all this make has it’s hammer faces
replacable which some makes do have that, and what I like about that
is that you can carve and profile the shape of the hammer face to
whatever you are forming so with one hammer head you can have
multiple shapes of faces to form with different forms. coned, domed,
pinned, cross pinned, and flat, or arced, etc…

Hratch Babikian


A dead blow hammer works because it has a void inside the head
partially filled with a metal shot. The type of metal may vary with
the manufacturer.

During a hammer swing the shot is held in the rear part of the
hammer head (the end of the hammer head opposite the current striking
end) by the acceleration of the hammer swing. Upon impact the initial
blow is by the hammer head. Immediately following the hammer blow the
shot continues in the direction of the hammer swing and impacts the
forward end of the void inside the hammer head thereby cancelling the
rebound of the initial hammer strike, resulting in a hammer strike
without bounce, a dead blow.

They can be bought in various sizes and materials. Here is a page
from Graingers for dead blow hammers. They have six pages of them.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV

i was wondering if anyone new of a supplier that carried this line
Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg.

11414 Maple Avenue
P.O. Box 390
Hebron, IL 60034

hope this helps