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[Source] Used tools

I could swear that this discussion went around a while ago but I’ll
be darned if I can find it in the archives.

Is there a site, magazine, paper, smoke signal system, etc. anywhere
that offers used tool classifieds? I know that Otto Frei offers some
used tools but I’m looking for something more peer-to-peer. I keep an
eye on ebay but it is sometimes difficult to tell what is coming from
where. I haven’t been at this for very long and I’m still finding my
niche. i’ve acquired many tools that I now realize are not terribly
useful for my needs, and realized that there are some things I need
that I don’t have. It would be great to have a way to get my things
into more appreciative hands and take things off of the hands that
don’t need them! Ideas?


Try, it’s a family run store here in tucson
called Starr Gem. They are very helpful and usually have used

Sam Patania, Tucson

I have a running google search (called a Google Alert…Google it).
You can put whatever criteria you choose in the alert and you’ll get
emails from Google whenever something you’re searching for pops up.
For example, I get emails whenever there’s a news story about a
jewelry store closing anywhere in the United States. Then I simply
contact the jeweler and ask him if he’s selling any tools. It’s kind
of vulturesque, but maybe the person needs to extra cash and would
welcome offers for used tools. The worst they can say is NO!

Not sure, but I was wondering, does anyone know of a source to
re-sharpen burs??? I could really use some help.

Thanks, Steve

Not sure, but I was wondering, does anyone know of a source to
re-sharpen burs???? I could really use some help. 

The ones sold in 6 packs are consumables. Bigger ones can be
sharpened with a steady hand and a separating or diamond disk. HSS
expensive ones are often worth the exercise. There are folks who do
recut the expensive ones but I have no sources off hand.

Cheap ones MIGHT be helped with acid etching as sometimes works for
files (archives time)

Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing

Thanks for the replies thus far. It looks like the site I was hoping

a peer-to-peer classifieds site- doesn’t exist. That’s too bad. I
imagine it’s usefulness would be somewhat limited, as most of us
modify our tool s somewhat, and the use endured by some tools might
be unacceptable to se condary users. That said, do you think there
is any sustainable market f or such a site? I wonder how well it
would do without including things lik e materials, etc. Just curious
as to how much of a niche there is. Several have also sent links to
posts here of tools for sale. Most of them are very outdated. Have
folks had success selling through the forums? Th ey don’t get
reposted so I’d imagine they’re moving!


…do you think there is any sustainable market for such a site?

Since we repair equipment we get asked if we have good used
equipment for sale. If a customer doesn’t want it repaired and
doesn’t want to pay for return shipping, we can fix it up for resale.
Most equipment they don’t want is just junk. Ocassionally we get
something nice (clean, low milage) that we can fix up and offer for
sale with a 90 day warranty. We will sell it to our customers, or
eBay. Maybe there is some interest on Orchid. We have available a
Steam Dragon steam cleaner (clean, low milage, newer model, 90 day
warranty). Looking for $200. Any interest?

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

Maybe something like craigs, list only orchids list could be stsrted
only limited to jewelry tools and stones

Not sure if it would help, but you may try craigslist.


Hello, I have used this site for several years now and have always
had great success. You can list for free tools for sale or tools
wanted among several other categories. A small amount of patience is
need however.

Good luck
Regards Robin