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[Source] Unusual Earring Cards

Hi all. I want to have some earring cards made and printed, and
would like to have something more unusual and perhaps cheaper than
the standard stuff at Rio, etc. Can anyone recommend a source?

Allan Mason

You might try

I get mine from her and have been quite happy.


I print my own product cards using the Mac Draw program on my
computer. I print out a whole sheet of cards on demand, and cut them
with a good paper cutter. Since I have little design descriptions on
each card, this works well for me, so that I don’t have to have piles
of printing done ahead of time. I lay out a whole sheet, using just
the designs I need. For earrings, you can stick the plastic hangers
on the back. I buy a ream of nice, interesting card stock paper at
the stationery store to print these on.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA’louBrubaker

I make Blind Embossed cards from colored construction paper. A belt
buckle that I made has a great Rose with a good depth in the overlay.
It is 3 x 3 1/2 inches. I cut the colored paper to a size that will
over lap the buckle, dip it in water, and press it by hand into the
indentation. When it is shaped properly, I set it aside and let it
dry, trim the edges, and I have my own personal card for earrings.
This is a little time consuming for bulk, but great for my needs.


Check out these guys,, specifically their premium
flyers, you can get down to 2" x 2" in dimensions and for 2000 of
them, its just over $100…thats full color both sides…youll have
to punch in your own holes, but for a full custom card with some
pizzaz, you cant beat that with a stick…

Or go simple, use business cards with a completely black back on
them, could serve as double duty…you can get these in smaller
quantities too.

Ive done business with psprint for quite a few years and can vouch
for their turnaround and quality.

Good Luck,

I make my own. There are so many boring generics cards out there, it
only took a quick trip to a well-stocked paper store to convince me
that making my own was a much better idea. My customers appreciate
that I take “hand-made” to another level. I don’t imprint my name as
it makes my lovely hand-made cards look too generic. I just put my
business card in every box with the jewelry. Go visit a good (not
Michael’s) art supply store, an art paper store. You will be glad
you did.


Would a pancake/RT die be a good paper cutter on heavier stock? Do
you know/ have you talked to a printer with die-cutting capability?

Do you already do post cards? You could reduce the size, and modify
the design, yet keep some common denominator to link the documents.

Fancy papers, like Strathmore, D’Arches, Canson, Twin Rockers, and
Fabriano, could make some beautiful documents/displays.


I am coming in in the middle, but I have a wonderful software
program called Printshop 21. (I think that’s the name.) I use the
Avery business card stock or postcard stock and have developed my own
logo that I manipulate into different formats - business card, thank
you card, warranty card, earring card (which I do on the postcard
stock for more impact on presentation), 8 1/2 by 11 size notice
signs. It’s the cheapest, quickest and most versatile way and the
most unique way to present my product.


I use hundreds of earring cards for each show during the season and
I used to make them but I found it was easier, faster and cheaper to
just come up with a simple design and have a local printer make them.
Then they are all ready to go when I need them - no computer work, no
cutting, no time… … I thought my time was better spent making the
jewelry to go on them.