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[Source] Undrilled Round Beads?

I’m looking for a dependable supplier of 10mm & 12mm undrilled round beads
in carnelian, green serpentine, green tourmaline, turquoise, amber…
additional suggestions are encouraged! I would like the stones to have
natural inclusions with a more matt finish. Are most stones typically
produced with a high polished finish? If so, any suggestions on reducing
the sheen to a more natural finish for someone who does not have lapidary
experience or equipment?

I would love to hear any suggestions on stone types. The jewelry style I’m
creating is Art Deco/Industial. How about black pearls in 10mm? Anyone
with a supplier or idea of the cost? I suppose tourmaline also falls in
the pricy catagory.

Thanks in advance!

Escondido, CA
Hidden Meadows–“the island in the sky”

I found a cool non-acid etch that is 20% ammonium bifluoride and it works
great on any glass beads. A quick dip will give a ‘fingerprint’ proof
etched finish. You can use it over and over and it doesnt seem to lose
its strength easily. I got it from Ornamental Resources in Idaho Springs,
Co. 800-876-6762. I works great on any glass object but wont etch
anything with iron in it. As dumb as it sounds, I havent tried it on any
other natural materials yet but I will throw a few onyx beads in it
tomorrow and let you know T. Lee