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[Source] Undrilled moonstone bead

Does anyone have a source or have a 2.75 undrilled moonstone bead?

Richard Hart G. G.
Denver, Co.

did you try Stachura Wholesale Gems in Uxbridge, MA?


I have a bunch of AAA grade round moonstone cabs, so you would have
to deal with a flat back.

I know of a large corporate wholesaler based in Hong Kong (but has
distributors worldwide) Their their smallest is a round approx. 3mm
strand (96 beads per strand, $32.01 USD (before the 'cash coupon’
emailed after you register on their site) and I believe 5 strands in
the lot) in and another based in India- again the minimum is a lot
(12 strands AAA grade, white or ‘rainbow’- which is neither treated
nor bleached to be whiter, is clear with plenty colour. Either
wholesaler has about a 7 day delivery time.

There is always Fire Mtn.,(which has hand cut B grade 2mm rounds on
sale at present) but they are not wholesalers despite their claim -
don’t know how they get away with that!!!, They have truly crappy
material - B or lesser grades, and have extremely high prices with
some crazy scheme wherein you buy 200 pcs. to get a reasonable price.
that. they deliver quickly is about their best quality otherwise the
owners are quite unscrupulous and there are many more options out
there- isn’t there a local bead store near you- I bought some
emergency metal when teaching a class in Denver at I think It was
called Desert Beads, or Desert Gems on I think it was Longworth Ave.
or Wordsworth Ave- or … worth Ave. something like that ?

If you need those cabs (high domes for the most part, but hand cut
and polished so they are slightly variable from 2.75 mm =/-- let me
know. rer