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[Source] Uncut Diamond Vendors

Can anybody help me?

I have a customer who wants a custom ring with an octahedral diamond
crystal for the center stone. She’s looking for something fairly
clear and more white in about a 1ct size. I have no idea where to
start looking for this at a wholesale level. Also, I have a customer
who would like some small diamond crystals. These can be low quality,
yellow because she wants them more for the energy of the stones than
the look.

I would appreciate it if someone could give me some ideas on vendors
that could get me these items. You can reply on Orchid or contact me
off list at @Gerald_Alexander_Liv

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Jerry, try John Betts’ site at:

I stumble upon his site while making an amulet for my customer and I
think you should be able to find your diamond.

Danuta Cieslukowska
Gold Cast

Gerald -

Here’s what I found when looking for diamond crystals - did not buy
from any of them except Rock Deco - no reason except that they were
the first vendor I found (@ Tucson) and could pick through their

Please report back if you do buy from any of them - I’d like to hear
about their quality, etc.

Ivy S. Fasko
Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelry