[Source] [UK] Buying Gems in small quantities

Has anyone any suggestions of who to purchase gems in small
quantities from in the UK best regards Martin Evans

For stones try A E Ward,Albermarle Way just of Clerkenwell Road and
St John Street. Thompson Gems, Ruppenthal Ltd, George Lindley Co, R Holt
and Co Ltd all in the Hatton Garden area.

Chris Hackett

Hello Martin, The best place to buy gems in small quantities and not
get an “armandaleg” mechant is to come to Birminghams Jewellery
Quarter. There is about 3 to 10 different places to try depending on
what you want…I’ve just looked in the jellow pages and couldn’t see
any of them posted…which is useful. If you are after small quanties
( 1-10 ) of small precious stones (.5 - 2mm) you might have to buy
enough to cover a minimum charge but it’s only like �5 or something.
I think it’s there to stop the students coming in and asking for
single 0.25mm cubics…after all, it costs more to sneeze! Anyway if
you not close enough for a day trip…tell me what you are after and
I’ll get an address or two for you. I’m busy busy until the 15-2-00
if it can wait. Best regards glenn.

Hi Henrieta, Most Gem merchants at Hatton Garden will sell in small
quantities, but I use a man in Maidstone and he has just started to
sell on-line (very useful).

URL. http://sovereigndiamonds.com
Or you could try Kernocraft, in Cornwall.
Tel: 01872 573888

Hope this helps
Brian Saynor