[Source] Tugtupite cabbing rough

Does anyone have a source for Tugtupite cabbing rough.

This is a flourescent type gemstone that is bright pink under
normal light. It is found in Greenland and possibly other
places.Under ultraviolet light it floureces (sp) to a deep red

I would be interested in hearing if anyone knows of a source and
what the current price for polished cabs and cabbing rough is?
Is anyone, on the list, currently using this material in their



I recently purchased 150 grams of Tugtupite rough from Peter
Lindberg of Greenland on an ebay auction for $35. I’m not aware
of what the finished material is going for, but if you search
ebay for it, you will probably find him or others selling it.
The company is called Jewel Stones of Greenland, Box 57 3921
Nassaq, Greenland – sorry but I cannot find his email address.


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Barbara, I love the color of the tuttupit(sp?) stones from Peter.
The finished stones, sold on e-bay, have sold from 9.99 to 30
some dollars! Peter was so kind to send me one when I had
purchased another type of stone from him. Great person to deal

Newark, DE