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[Source] Top quality chrysoprase

I’ve been looking for top quality Chrysoprase.

Does anyone know a source for such stones? Or rough?

Anyone have any on pricing?


How much do you need? Please contact me at [@Kenneth_Moore]


Ken Moore


I bought really beautiful quality chrysoprase from Rio Grande, a
dozen 10mm cabs. Alas, the dog swallowed one of them so I had to
reconfigure the necklace design.


For cut cabochons, try Mark at


Hi Derek,

Chrysoprase is primarily from Australia. It’s one mine in
Queensland, Marlboro. A Chinese company has owned half which is
exhausted and Richard Osmond the other half which is cherry.

Richard Osmond passed away a few days after the Tucson trade show in

I distributed for the Candala mine and we are currently

I have some cabochons in America and will restock all material this

Please send me an email offline

Eddie Cleveland

Rough or cabs?


I’m looking for a druze cerulean blue chrysoprase or another bright
blue; maybe 20 - 25 mm across. I don’t need top quality, just an
interesting stone that is chunky and would make a fun ring.

Thanks, MA

Hmm, the best chrysoprase I have ever seen are deep apple green hued
materials from turkey and a full range of greens from Australia and
other locations.

Most are opaque, if not, translucent, but rarely and occasionally
gemmy material is mined…

Are you thinking of chrysocolla. It can frequently have some
quartz-y druse and is sometimes found in a vug as a conglomerate with
chrysoprase ( and other minerals). One cool tool you can use to verify
the stone you are looking for is on Gemdat. org: its free to use and
you begin with selecting a colour from a grid in the shade of the
spectrum you want. A scrollable listing of photos will then appear.
You can double check the mineral - in perhaps more varieties than you
expected- and then go from there as it does present some links that
take youspecimens as well as cabbed or cut and faceted pieces of
whatever you are looking at for sale. You may find the right stone
there… rer