[Source] Titanium wedding ring

Hi all,

Does anyone have a good source for mens titanium wedding rings other
than Stuller?

Many thanks

I make titanium wedding rings full time. I also recommend Titanium
Era and Titanium Commitment. All of us have been around for a while
and have a focus on customer satisfaction, have varied styles, and
have good turnaround time.


Bruce Boone
Boone Titanium Rings


I got good service from Arnells at titaniumrings.com. They’re up in
Canada but there was no difficulty with their service, shipping,
payment, etc. So far I’ve only had the need once but I would use
them again.

Dr. Mac

Check this guy out. I bought two rings from him and think I need
another one.

Daniel J. Statman

Very Happy Customer,
Rodney Carroll

Titanium wedding ring?? Two different guys, both named “Wes” oddly

My absolute favorite ring maker, titanium and otherwise: Wes Glebe.
Beautiful complex work. Both men’s and women’s rings. you can reach
him at this site: http://www.wesandgold.com/

Another titanium ring maker, Tres classique: Wes Waddell

Your choice.

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Look on the internet under “titanium jewelry” - there are a ton of
sites that have titanium wedding rings for both men and women.

What are you actually looking for? Wholesale rings? Cheap imports? A
custom design? Titanium rings can range in price from a few dollars
to beautifully inlaid and diamond set custom designs. Search Google
for “titanium wedding rings” you get 3,000,000+ hits


Thank you, Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sarah
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.

Shameless plug for a friend, Jerry Spalding. Hand crafts them one at
a time, unlike Stuller and the rest that are contracting it out to
machine shops to be mass produced, plus he is just a really nice
guy. Since I am unsure if you are a consumer looking, or a store who
wants to carry his line, I will just say that if you Google his name
you will find several galleries that carry him. If you are a store
and want to contact me off list I can get you his direct e-mail.

Thank You,
Eric McCafferty

Wow, thanks for all the info on titanium rings. I’ve already done a
thorough search of the web and I’ve found a few sites that carry some
beautiful stuff. I’m searching for the right ring for a client and
the problem I’m having is that most sites are geared to sell directly
to the consumer. I’d like to be able to find a good wholesale source.
I’m sure this won’t be the last titanium ring I ever buy for someone.
I’ve checked out all the web sites you have all mentioned and I found
some possibilities. What I buy will depend on what my client thinks.

Bruce: I really like the ring on your site with the silver inlayed
paw prints. Very cute!



the problem I'm having is that most sites are geared to sell
directly to the consumer 

I’ve had luck emailing the manufacturers of some Ti rings and asking
for a wholesale/trade price. It’s been only 20% or so off list,
though this might be enough to make it worth your while. (Cannot
remember which manufacturers I asked)

Matthew Crawford