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[Source] Titanium cable

Hello again

A customer has requested a custom job using the black titanium wire
cable that is popular in men’s jewelry right now. I’m having a
really hard time finding a source for the cable, especially since I
don’t need more than several feet of a few different sizes, like
3/32" to 1/8 " (about 2.5-3 mm) give or take. I have been all over
the internet and contacted some manufacturers but so far no luck. If
anyone knows where to get it in small amounts or what industries use
it I would love to know. I’m not even sure if it comes already black
or what process makes it so, I doesn’t look anything like annodizing.

Thanks again

Reactive Metals Studio is a supply source for titanium and niobium.
I just saw an ad in the Ornament magazine for niobium cables in
various colors and sizes: Chris’s Cables, Have not
checked them out yet but will do so soon.