[Source] Tin, zinc, to make solder, Not in bulk!

I already make my own solder for my filigree work in silver, just a
ratio of silver and brass. I want to make gold solder though. I
discovered an old recipie for gold solder, but it calls for tin and

I don’t want industrial sizes, just a few grams. Where can I get
this without having to buy a kilo?


I think you will be disappointed if you use tin in a gold solder
formula. Yes tin will radically drop the melting point but it will
be very brittle due to intermetallics and different crystal lattice
structures forming.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Just fishing around here but there are many items available at
hardware stores labeled zinc. I just picked up a couple of grounding
pipe clamps in the electrical section at Lowes that were labeled
zinc. I’m not sure if they were an alloy but may be worth some
experimenting. Tin sheet at one time was also readily available.

Good Luck!
Robert Oppecker
Williamsburg, VA