[Source] Thin iron foil

Hi, I am looking for a source of thin, almost foils like, but can be
18 gauge, up to 32 gauge, iron, not steel. Even 12 or 8 gayage, I can
hammer it thinner.

Anyone have a source for thin iron???


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At one time there was some imported pure iron available in the US
-This seems to be no longer the case with reasonable prices. A high
grade product is available but should be costly from:


Pure iron is available from the UK:


Armco steel now AK makes enameling iron a very low carbon steel –
not really pure iron but very close with equal or lower carbon
content… They may have made this in Middletown Ohio but but
probably rolled it in Butler Pa. I don’t think they roll many
thicknesses any more but still roll some. for big customers –
getting small quantities may be difficult. See pdf for enameling
products at:


If you have someone nearby making porcelain enameled signs or
appliances nearby you may be able to buy some or find scrap .

Thompson enamels sells small pieces (but what is it really)-- I have
some but can’t speak for it.