[Source] Surgical Steal

I was wondering if some of you fine fellow jewelers could help? I
need a few names of people that I can buy surgical steal from.

Thanks Lew

Questions, are you looking for large quanitys or small batches? I
assume wire as opposed to rod? I know of a couple mills on the east
coast, but they only supply in large runs (thousand pound rolls as a
minimum). But I will check a few places to see if they sell smaller
quanities, just give me an idea of wwhat you are after. Also to be
true implant grade, you need alloy 316 lvm stainless steel. Lots of
places sell 316l stainless, which works for limited wear, but the
medical implant grade is the 316lvm which is also what should be used
in say body piercing applications, which would include pierced ears.


depending on what your looking for try medical supply for this kind
of metal. I believe you do still need a sizeable order but then you
can get tubing and rod and wire, you can even get it preanneled.