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[Source] Supply stores in Bucks County, PA

Hi Again,

A big thank you to everyone who replied to my post and suggested
brazing. I bought the rods yesterday, read up on the method, and plan
to try it soon. Now I’m wondering if anyone who happens to live in
Bucks County, PA or knows the area, might be able to tell me if there
are any jewelry supply shops around, like Allcraft or Metalliferous.
I tried the Verizon superpages, and zippo, nothing. Of course, this
is hardly Manhatten, but I was hoping for at least one small shop.
Perhaps outside of Philly? Any tips would be appreciated.

Happy Holidays from the newest resident of PA!

Augest D.

Hi Augest,

Yep, I’m in Bucks County. Beautiful place, but not a lot of jewelry
supply stores.

Perhaps the best place is Gilman’s, which is located in the gift
shop of Lost River Caverns in Hellertown (Lower Saucon Township).
They have a variety of tools and such, some stones, and beading
supplies. They also carry some findings but have been REALLY stubborn
about not pre-ordering much in silver because they’re afraid of
getting stuck with it. That’s despite a steady flow of customers
asking for it. They can order for you, but at that point, just mail
order it yourself. I’ve given up on them for silver findings.

There are a couple of good scrap dealers from whom you can purchase
silver, chain scrap, and used jewelry. First PA Precious Metals is on
Rt 611 just north of Willow Grove Naval Air Station. It’s basically a
pawn shop/metals dealer, but I’ve gotten nice chain and scrap there.
There’s also a “hidden” place just across the street from Abington
Hospital… you’ll see the statue of the white horse (hard to miss),
pull in and around to the back of the building. There’s a little
refiner’s shop there where they buy gold/silver, but will also sell
it at very reasonable prices.

Otherwise, it means a trip into either Philly or NYC. On Sansom St
in Philly, you’ve got a couple of tools/findings dealers including
Hagstoz and Pamma, numerous stone dealers, at least one display
dealer, etc.

I’m not sure what type of jewelry you make, but if it’s art jewelry,
you might want to consider getting involved with PA Society of
Goldsmiths (PSG) and/or Bucks County Guild of Craftsmen. Both
organizations are active and can help you make connections with
suppliers, fellow artisans, workshops, and other business resources
in the area. Please let me know if you want more info and I can place
you in touch with both of them.

Finally, there are metalsmithing classes and an EXCELLENT metals
studio at Bucks County Community College in Newtown. I’ve
participated in classes and workshops there for years, both for the
community of fellow artists and for access to the incredibly equipped
studio. It’s where PSG holds its workshops and we’ve heard many
world-class instructors tell us that it’s one of the best-equipped
studios in the states. Again, let me know if you want more info on
the programs and how to get involved with them.

Welcome to Bucks!

Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry

Hi Augest.

There is a small shop in Yardville NJ. East of Trenton off Rt. 195
Bob & Sally Edgar 609 585 2223 You can call me, I can tell you more,
I’m in Lambertville 609 397 0806.


Augest -

Unfortunately the nearest place I knew of when I lived in Bristol was
TB Hagstoz way down in center city Philly. Even when I
took a Jewelry Design class up at Bucks County CC the instructor
still sent us all the way down there for our supplies. Sorry I don’t
have any good news for you on this one.