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[Source] Super Prices for Flex shaft


I’m starting to look for a flex shaft. I know I’m going to get a
foredom and a low cost one… Just wondering if there is a source that
has super prices? I need to find a good deal or I can’t get one.

Thank you

Hi Moe,

Check out the major players, Rio, Gessswein, Contenti, Otto Frei,
Indian Supply, Stuller Romonaff,. Call for pricing at 46th Street
Tools in NYC with Kenneth Singh and call Allcraft for Tevel

But first, check out the Foredom website. The Foredom TX is a great
flexshaft. I own one myself, and it is like my little workhorse. If
you are a lefttie, there is one for you with mandrels. You can
research which is the right one for you.

If you are in a four year school, or attend classes at Metalwerx,
you are eligible for a 10 percent rebate from Foredom directly.
Negotiate your price and then send a copy of the receipt to Foredom.
They will give your rebate of the LISTED catalog price which should
be more than your negotiated one.

Also, don’t forget my book (shameless self promotion here), Making
the Most of Your Flexible-Shaft, an Orchid book which wouldn’t have
been written if you guys weren’t around.


Hi Moe

I know I’m going to get a foredom and a low cost one…

are the two least expensive from a national supplier, found these on
a google search of "Flexshaft and “Jewelers tools”. You did not say
which one you were looking for. Did find some that were cheaper, but
the motors were only good to 5000 rpm. Also, make sure the motor is
complete, they do sell motors alone without shafts, controllers or
hand pieces, so it is worth the call before ordering.

Ran across a 2230 kit at a pawnshop once and got it for $68,
needless to say I bought it even though I did not need one at the
time. Might try the pawns in your local area just in case there is
one hidden somewhere.


Hi all,

Often, the business you normally buy equipment from has slightly used
items available at a reduced price. Sometimes a returned item that
has been checked out but cannot be sold as new, or one used as a demo
or in a trade show that can’t be sold as new.

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.