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[Source] Stg. Pinch clasps


If anyone could advise as to what company distributes or sells these
wholesale, I would be most appreciative. They work really well but I
can only find them at retail prices (I do have a resale license)
from $24-$31 which is crazy.

The photo shows them opened and closed to give a better idea. If you
"pinch" each end, it releases and comes apart, then will click back
together. I’ve not seen anything else like them, except maybe tube
clasps…but these seem very sturdy/well-made. Thanks in advance!

{attachemnt removed}

Sabrina/Bayou Bijou Designs


Hello Sabrina,

Send me a picture off line at vevabailey at I have done a
lot of searching for findings and I might be able to locate what you
are looking for.