[Source] Sterling washers and discs

I’m looking for a new source for sterling silver washers and discs
of various sizes. Any thoughts?


I hate to keep referring to Harbor Freight - you will think I own
stock in the place! I really would prefer not support the Chinese
economy but right now it’s what I can afford.

However, for about $26 or so they have a very nifty nine-hole die
with matching punches. The die is steel and it has over the top a
thick plastic (Plexiglass?) cover with matching holes so you can see
through to position the piece you wish to punch.

You can punch a hole in silver or whatever, move the piece to one of
the larger holes, punch again, and you have a washer.



Check out metaliferous - metaliferous.com. The have an extensive
catalog on disc as well with even more inventory. I purchased both
sterling discs and washers while visiting their NY storefront.

Happy Creative Day,

I must admit I make mine out of rolled down scap sheet and punch out
discs which I drill holes in with a Proxxon mini mill. Only takes a
few seconds each when doing in quantity.

Nick Royall

Hoover and Strong will make washers for you.

Cadsmithing LLC