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[Source] Sterling Silver Beads

Hello, I am looking for unique Sterling Silver beads to accent my
creations. I noted in my intro that I was looking for a bell
shaped bead (6 mm x 6 mm corrugated). I have found it in a few
catalogs, but there must be a way to find out either the person
or company that actually manufactures this type of bead. Can
someone direct me to a manufacturer.

Thank you Pamela Pudsey - @JAGColl

Hi, Pamela! I hope you got this month’s issue of Lapidary
Journal. It’s a veritable bead bonanza! There was one supplier in
particular that looked as if they might have just what you want
– Ball Chain Manufacturing Co. Phone 1-914-664-7500 or

Good Luck!

Shari VanderWerf
Vanguard Studio