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[Source] Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled findings

I am searching for recommendations for sources of Sterling Silver and
Gold-Filled findings in QUANTITIES. (Like, hundreds or thousands of
pieces.) Specifically, I need “watch swivels” (which go between the
end of a chain and a pocket watch bail) and also plain toggle clasps
in Silver and g.f. (Local source charges 6 bucks EACH for swivels,
which I consider ourageous.)

Also sources of Silver and g.f. chain by the spool.

I’m appealing to Orchidians, because, until now, I have only used
karat gold findings. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings, @David_E.Barzilay

Dear David, I buy most of my g.f. and sterling toggle clasps at Bella
Findings which is right in your building I believe. You have probably
tried them but if not perhaps they can help. I get excellent prices
from them even though I never buy in the quantities you are

Beverly Jones


Some of the finding companies listed below should have what you

Ballou (401) 438 7000
Cobb (401) 467 7400
Dover (516) 584 5551
Royal (508) 222 8173
Boston (617) 357 9599
JK Findings (716) 292 0770
CGM  1800 426 5246

Some of the above also carry chain on the spool. (JK Findings and
CGM for sure) There are many chain company manufacturers which can
be found in the orchid archives. Some names are Armbrust Chain, MS
Chain, Ross Metals, Myron Toback, National Chain, Providence Chain.

I hope this helps.

Diane Sadel