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[Source] Steel cable neckwire

I am looking for multi strand steel cable neckwires. Minimum 10
strands and the more the better. Been searching online and can find
sterling but not stainless steel. Know they exist as I’ve seen them
at shows. Any sources would be appreciated. Thanks…

Liane Redpath Worlund

I’m not sure if you want cable stainless steel neck wires or solid
ones. Cable ones are available all over - just google. And have a
look at Rio Grande to see the ones they supply.

hope this helps

Barbara where the Royals come near tomorrow - I cleaned the bath
just in case! :wink:

Hi Liane,

I have purchased steel cable for neckwire from Home Depot in the
chain section. I just make my own end caps. So much cheaper than
premade stuff.

Cheers, Denny Diamond

P.S. Where would you find sterling cable–sounds interesting…


Try a boat/ship supply house. They use them for rigging.


Hi Liane,

You might try stainless steel fishing leader.

It’s available in single strand & 7 strand configurations in
diameters from .024" to .041". It’s available in 20 - 135 lb. test.

Local fishing supply stores may have it or you can try coated & uncoated.

Their order numbers start at 311-667-020 for the coated &
311-660-020 for the uncoated.


Try Sources for “Softflex” ; they manufacture various sorts of woven
cable wire for jewelry. Most are covered woven cable types; some are
plated. I’ve used them for some years now on various projects. They
sell wholesale and have many retail distributors. I’m sure they’d
help you find one.

No affiliation other than a satisfied customer,



For something different, consider stainless braided “tubing”. It
comes in some very small sizes and is basically oval in shape. Kinder
to the touch than circular. I have used these people as a supplier:

I know you asked for stainless steel, but these people also do very
small braid sizes in silver-plated copper and gold-plated copper:

Mark Bingham
Fourth Axis

I have talked to SoftFlex today and they are going to send me some
samples. Although they don’t carry premade neckwires I can probably
make what I want w/their product line. Thanks for that input… and
everyone else’s. You’ve given me quite a few ideas.

Liane Redpath Worlund

I’ve also been looking for steel cable neckwires for my pendants. I
have some from Fire Mountain–coated steel with a magnetic closing
and for the price they’re pretty good. But I’d like something more
substantial so I just - yesterday - ordered some steel neckwires from
a company in Florida, Monster Steel. I haven’t received them yet so
I’m hoping they’re what I’ve been looking for. They also carry other
types of steel necklaces. There’s a $100 minimum. You should take a
look at their website. It looks like their specialty is body piercing
things and tattoos, so lots of steel items.

Try Chris’s Cables for neck wires of all types. High quality, not
cheap but exceptional. His own clasp is quite intriguing. Good