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[Source] Stainless steel findings

Hi! I would like to find a manufacturer of stainless steel findings-
specifically barrel clasps and crimp beads. They seem impossible to
find. I’ve done an exhaustive search on the internet, but either I’m
not searching properly or there really isn’t anywhere around. I am
going to visit a friend in Trinidad who makes jewelry and stainless
is the only metal that the salty air doesn’t affect. (he sells on
the beach). Any info you can provide would be appreciated.

Thank you so much,


Exactly what do these look like? I have a medium size machine shop
at my disposal, we do SS, various grades all the time.



Does anyone know a source for stainless steel tie tack posts and pin
stems? I’ve noticed that all my nickel findings tarnish after
several years. When this happens they loose their polish and no
longer move nicely through the fabric they are pinned on. It’s
difficult to re-polish them when they are attached to a glass brooch.
So, I often now use 14k yellow or white gold. With current gold
prices I am looking for alternatives, but I haven’t found them. I
don’t like plated findings since I generally refinish commercial
findings before I use them.

Why doesn’t someone making these things switch from nickel to
stainless? Seems like a superior alternative.

Does anyone know a source for stainless steel findings like these?
All I’ve found is earposts and piercing accessories.

Don Friedlich

Does anyone know a source for stainless steel tie tack posts and
pin stems? 

At this point, the option is to make your own. Smallparts has spring
tempered stainless rod that would be perfect for this, available in
a number of sizes. Or get with Bill from Reactive Metals to see if he
can get some made for the industry.

Good Luck,