[Source] Square raw diamond cubed beads

I am looking for square raw diamond cubed beads in the 3-5mm range
and can’t seem to find any around. Some cubes, but not drilled. Does
anyone use a reputable dealer for these? And no, I am not going to
Tucson. too many stones, not enough money! :-0


Esta Jo Schifter
Shifting Metal

Try RDW - Rough Diamond World – NYC based Diamond Dealers they may not have them listed
on the site but he has had them in the past and maybe able to get
them for you. Great people to work with.

Love to see what you make with them.


Try King’s Ransom - Betty Sue is great to work with and had a nice
selection last time I checked.


Can you provide additional info for King’s Ransom? There is no web
site under this name.

There is an address for Sausalito, CA but no indication of rough for
sale. Thanks. MA

You can contact Betty Sue King (King’s Ransom) via email :
[info at pearlgoddess dot com]

She does stock pearls and raw diamond cubes.

Hope this helps,
Linda Kaye-Moses