[Source] Square copper tubing

I am looking for 1/2" square copper tubing. Does anyone have a
source for this? Thanks!

Hello Susan, You can cut a 1/2" hole in a piece of metal (iron,
steel, aluminum or whatever) and a couple of slightly larger hoes up
to7/16". Buy some 3/4" copper tubing at the hardware store, anneal
it and draw it thru the holes. Easy.

Have fun. Tom Arnold

You might try:


An idea… make your own… one can purchase Square stock at
hardware and farm supply stores. anneal 1/2" copper tube and one
should be able to work it over the square stock… just an idea.
These other links should give you more than enough info.

Hi Susan,

I am looking for 1/2" square copper tubing. Does anyone have a
source for this 

If you can’t find it ready made, you may have to make it yourself.

You didn’t say how long a piece you needed or if the 1/2" was an
inside or outside dimension.

If the 1/2" is an inside dimension, the total length of the id is
2". If you make your own, you could use a round tube & using a bezel
punch or a 1/2" piece of key stock that has a small taper filed on
all 4 sides, stretch a round tube to a square shape. To find the
round size to start with, divide 2" by pi (3.14). 2 divided by pi =
.6366". That’s just a little larger than 5/8". However, that’s not a
popular size. You may have to go with 1/2" or 3/4" & adjust

The other option is to start with a piece of copper sheet & fold it
into the square shape you need

This is 1/2 the fun of metal work, figuring out how to do/make


I am looking for round copper tubing, not Ace Hardware. Used for
cutting wax circles to set a stone.


just did a quick search. At least it’s a start. :slight_smile:


Bill Roberts


Thanks for your great suggestions! I put a group email out to a bunch
of metal suppliers from the list that one of you sent me. I am making
3 light fixtures and I need (3) 3.5’ long pieces. Because of the
lengths, it would be hard to pound it out evenly. That is definitely
an option though.

I 'll keep you posted-

You might have to plate some brass will be a bit stiffer and much
easier to find.


I have found it but only if I want to buy 50 ft. I am thinking of
switching to Stainless Steel because that is very easy to find and I
was going to do cold connections anyway. I’ll post pictures when I
am done.

Thanks for your help!