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[Source] Square brass wire

Hi All - I am looking for a source for square brass wire in 12 or 14
gauge. I’ve checked all of my catalogs with no success. Thanks - Deb

I would try Metalliferous in New York City. Their number is 212-944-0909.
Good Luck!

Vera, in hot and humid NYC

I am looking for a source for square brass wire in 12 or 14
gauge. I’ve checked all of my catalogs with no success. Thanks - Deb

Hi Deb:

Hope I’m not too late with this – but try Metal Works at

They have round, square, triangular, half round in various dimensions
etc., in silver, brass, and copper wire, but not all of their items appear
in their online catalog – so be sure to give them a call at 505-598-5322.
They have very good prices and provide excellent service.



Does anyone knows of a source to buy (wholesale) 1 mm and 1.5 mm
square brass wire in the US?


Have you tried

Pull your “ROUND” wire through your SQUARE dies, anneal and repeat
until you get the size you need Call on Cell if you need a
walk-through, Stay- cool, we will know most all the tricks
before-long.Nothing is “hard to-do”!t just takes a little longer to

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ Gemmologist

Could you manage with 1.5 by 1.5MM

Is anyone going to notice the difference?

If I had to use that 1.5MM by 1.5M Id make it from round wire in the
smallest grooves on my durston mill.

It would then need to be annealed as rolling hardened’s metal. The
other way is to find someone place like a precision sheet metal shop
that has a brake guillotine.

They might just be able to set it down to 1.5mm wide. then give them
some 1mm brass sheet to guillotine for you.

the edge will be a bit sharp.

will that effect what your going to use it for?
It sounds an auful lot of work for such a cheap material.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear with my question “Does anyone knows of a
source to buy (wholesale) 1 mm and 1.5 mm square brass wire in the
US?” I do know how to mill/pull round (silver) wire to square, I
just have no idea where to buy brass wire.

But this brings up another question, do you work with brass the same
way as you do with sterling annealing, milling, and pulling wire

Thanks in advance!

There are different types of brass with different properties
depending on the proportions of the constituent copper and zinc, and
some are more ductile than others. All those that I’ve tried have
been sufficiently malleable to be rolled in my rolling mill, but
although I’ve never tried pulling any through a drawplate I would
think that it would be OK as long as it’s annealed.

Regards, Gary Wooding

Laurie, try Indian Jewelers Supply for square brass wire. If they
don’t have the size you want, ask them if they’ll make some quantity
for you. Brass works similarly to silver, in general, except that
silver is intrinsically a bit softer and melts at a slightly lower
temperature. (I’ve never done any wire pulling.) Brass is fun to work

Judy Bjorkman
Multimetal Jewelry


Rio Grande has some square yellow brass wire, they don’t have
"wholesale", just price breaks as your purchase quantity rises. We
buy from them for our program. You might call Tevel at Allcraft Tool
& Supply, he’s very helpful and they stock base metals. I know I
have bought square yellow brass wire in the past from Allcraft; it
was dead soft and very easy to forge, draw, etc.

As far as working with brass wire, yes you anneal, mill, draw, work
with the brass much the same way as the sterling. Depending on the
brass alloy composition, it may be more malleable or less than

It WILL get a pink copper surface after heating and pickling. Don’t
panic- you can strip that off when you are done heating with “Super
Pickle”. [A word of warning on soldering yellow brass and silver:
Depending on your brass alloy, you sometimes hit a eutectic melting
point that is lower than the solder you’re using. There was some
discussion about this recently on this forum. I’ve seen it happen
with hardware store brass and prolonged heating while soldering,
usually a student.]

Ruthanne Robertson

Had to add (to the probably more useful replies) that I buy the odd
bit of brass from the local hobby shop which specialises in model
railways. They have all sorts of profiles of brass wire (of a
malleable alloy) and tubing at quite low prices.

Cheers, Renate

Rio sells square brass wire by the one pound spool. I never miked
it, but it looks about 1 mm. Word of warning, it’s half hard and that
makes it a little difficult to work with.


Indian Jewelers Supply sells square brass wire, 10, 12, and

Judy Bjorkman