[Source] Small pearls

I posted a few week ago for sources for pearls and was thrilled with
the quality and customer service of “Pearl Paradise”, one of the

I now need smaller pearls, let’s say from 2mm-5mm, in different
colors and non-round shapes such as drop and potato. They are
readily available on tons of websites but I need good quality, from
A to AA.

While I have seen them described as such I don’t think I am alone in
not automatically trusting advertising claims.

Has anyone has found a source for smaller but high quality ones?

Thanks as always for your help!

Stachura again - very fine quality and you will pay accordingly.

I just needed some 2.5-3mm ones, and someone recommended ArtBeads
which had them at a much cheaper price. They just came in and I
haven’t had time to look at the quality. Fire Mountain Gems also has
some, and theirs are usually quite dependable quality. They just
didn’t have the exact size I needed, but did have smaller ones.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio