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[Source] Small diamond supplier

I’m looking for a supplier of small diamonds that will sell an
occasional gem for repairs. I have looked a lot on the web and don’t
know who to trust. I’m in a remote location, do this as a hobby, good
local advice doesn’t exist. Specifically right now I need a ~4.25 x
2.25 mm marquise. Any advice will be appreciated.


Have you checked your local Pawnshops for breakout goods?
Establishing a connection there may do both of you some good.

Dear Charlie

I am what you are looking for. I own a diamond company in NY and
specialize in me lee. In addition I cater to designers and
manufactures looking for service with no minimum orders. Please send
me your # so I can quote you a price. I look forward to hearing from

Karen Rosenberg

Contact Alpha Imports. They are very friendly to designers and small
volume users. They are in New York and have a website. Just google

Leonid Surpin