[Source] Small Alexandrites

I have a customer who wants me to make a small man’s stud earing
with an alexandrite. I figure 3mm would be a good size, large enough
to see but small enough to be tasteful and not raise issues.

Can any of you recommend a source of small (3mm round,) well-cut
alexandrites with good color change at reasonable price?



I don’t know why, but Stuller has a large inventory of genuine
Alexandrites, and, of course, they are small stones because
alexandrites are easily as rare as diamonds and possibly more so.
Personally I don’t know why Alexandrite has such value because it
doesn’t do much of a dance. Color change stones are intriguing but
not overwhelming…ergo… big deal ! Birthstones are such
garbage…sure they enhance sales, but they also contiribute to
superstious beliefs. Let’s not contribute to superstitious belief
just to make bucks ! Sell the stone on the basis of it’s rarity,
unique attributes, durability, beauty and provenance ! Enough of the
foregoing hype ! Let’s get honest with our ploy…let’s make stuff
that symbolizes the relationships that bond families…that is where
jewelry comes from !!!

MillsGem Co, Los Osos, Ca.


Enough of the foregoing hype ! Let's get honest with our
ploy...let's make  stuff that symbolizes the relationships that
bond families....that is where jewelry comes from !!!!!!!

For me, birthstones aren’t a superstitious thing, it’s merely
another way to commemorate a loved one’s birthday. Birthstones
represent a family members’ presence in my life.

When I was first pregnant, I made a “birthing axe” pendant. I was
afraid of the pain of childbirth. In the old farm days they used to
place an axe or pair of scissors under the bed of a woman in labor
to “cut” the pain of labor. I knew the hospital would freak if we
walked in with an axe, so I made a small silver one to wear around
my neck, merely to make myself feel better and less nervous. My
husband’s birthstone went on top, by the handle, my son’s at the
base, and mine located in the middle - my stone is represented by a
bead, because I feel that more accurately represents a breast, and
my role as nurturer. I finished the axe two hours before we went to
the hospital.

Did the axe work? I ended up having an emergency C-section with
local anesthesia, morphine, and an epidural. So yes, it did work.

Since then, I’ve added my daughter’s birthstone to the axe, and I
wore it all through my pregnancy. I look forward to adding more
stones to the pendant, because to me the birthstones represent the
individual personalities in my family.

Just my two cent’s worth.