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[Source] Size specific gemstones



I am looking for size specific I have been all over the
net and contacted all my gem people. I am wondering if anyone could
help me find 8mm and 6mm round cabochons. Quartz would do, but
basically anything that size would be interesting ! Thanks !

Guylaine Cyr,
Artiste Joailliere/Metalsmith Jeweller.


these all carry calibrated cabochons.



These folks have a very good assortment of cabs:


We have many choices in 6mm and 8mm round cabochons. Do you want
opaque or transparent materials? Please go to our web site to get an
over view of our selection. Not everything is on the web site. The
web site is under construction and not complete. Contact us via
e-mail with any questions.

Diane & David
Dikra Gem Inc.


For a very large assortment, extremely well cut opaue and
translsuent a nd trsanparent cabs and designer cabs in 6mm and 8mm
round and other sizes try Dikra Gem Inc on west 45th street in New
York NY


Lee Horowitz
Peru Blue Opal Ltd
Horowitz Co-KCIG Co Ltd