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[Source] Sinusoidal (SP) stake

I know I can count on the great group from Orchid to help me out. I
would like to know if I can only afford to buy gold bezel, which is
the most beneficial gage to start with? I would also like to purchase a
sinusoidal (SP) stake, if anyone knows where they can be purchased
please contact me privately as I doubt everyone wants information
about this. I appreciate any help. Thanks Karen

Karen, Try Allcraft in NYC @ 1-212-279-7077 for the stake. I would
suggest 26ga, (0.016") for the gold bezel. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Dear Karen,

I wanted a sinusoidal stake but they cost around $100.00 or so for a
smaller one. I am sure you could find one at Metalliferous or Allcraft
in NYC. My husband and I made one out of wood using patterns from Tim
McCreight’s book “Metals Technic”. It works very well, and the price
was right.

Gail Middleton
Brooklyn, NY