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[Source] Silver Purse Frames


Any on where to purchase sterling silver purse

Mary T. Moore


Ornamental Resources has purse frames. I’ll look to see if they
are plated or “silvertone” or what. I doubt they are
sterling–is that what you want?



The one company I know that carries purse frames is Lacis - a
wonderful place for other things like lace, ribbons, beading
books, trims etc. Don’t know if they have sterling, but they
sure should know who does. Their catalogue is at:

PS. My thank you to all of you that run Orchid and keep the
lively banter going. For a flegling jeweler, you are a daily
bout of inspiration. Thanks, Dina at High-Strung.


I thought I saw an ad for “The Bag Lady” in a recent issue of
the Crafts Report. There were about 10 purse frames shown in the
ad. Andrea/Guyot


This reminded me to follow up as I said I would on this topic.
The on Ornamental Resources, another source for
handbag frames is below. Their catalog only shows gold & silver
tone (no sterling) frames, listed under Findings/Handbag Frames.
Probably they are simply plated or painted–I have not seen
Sterling ones in any catalog, though this doesn’t mean they
don’t exist–I suspect if you find them they might be vintage–or
you might have to have them made (or make them yourself).

Ornamental Resources is a possible resource for
though–if anyone knows what’s out there in the way of
vintage-type stuff, they probably do, as this is their
specialty. They carry a book with instructions on making
old-fashioned and newer style handbags, as well. They are on
line at, but their entire catalog is not
on line–only a portion of it is–The entire catalog costs $10
initially, as it is very large, in a binder which they update
frequently (you can also download their supplements online in
.pdf format). (usual disclaimer–I have no connection to this
vendor except as a satisfied customer):

	Ornamental Resources
	Box 3010 - 1427 Miner St.
	Idaho Springs, CO 80452
	Info/Cust Serv (303) 567-2222
	Orders outside Denver area (800) 876-6762
	Orders within Denver 279-2102
	24-hr fax (303) 567-4245

Hope this helps.

Colene Abramson
Wayland, MA