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[Source] Silver heads

Where’s a good pacle to buy silver heads?

David Geller

What type and size do you want?If they are baskets I will cast them
for you. Downtown LA has a few finding suppliers selling silver
heads. I often buy one for $3.00, cast and mold it then reproduce ad
infinitum… I can get you a few contacts if you are interested. In
fact if anybody needs any trade work done I am 10 minutes from the
jewelry-mart downtown LA.$2.00 a stone pave, invisible set, what
ever.I should be brokering this work to you poor souls in the
mid-west and such. Really…call me.(805) 210-4575 Disillusioned but
well connectedI’m still going to sell cars_ no on is going to talk
me out of it!

Stuller! Now all their “metal mold” items are available in sterling

Cindy Proctor
Newberg Jewelry Studio & Supply

My favorite place for silver heads is

Janet Kofoed