[Source] Silver Disks

I’m looking for 20 7/8" diameter Sterling disks for a customer, that
are.063 or 1/16th inch thick. I looked in my Rio catalog but no such
size. Does anyone know where else I could find them?

Kind regards, Dinah.

try Metaliferous in NY - they carry both sterling and.999 in a
variety of sizes.

Umm yeah go to WidgetSupply.com spend $29 on the Jewelers Disc
Cutter and buy appropriate gauge sterling sheet and a hammer :slight_smile:

An American Cameo Artist


I checked Metalliferous’ catalog and their SS round disk jump
from.75" to 1" and the heaviest gauge is 18 or.040." Possibly you
could sweat solder two together to create what you need. You might
check with them to see if they can cut 14 gauge or.064" 888.944.0909

I'm looking for 20 7/8" diameter Sterling disks for a customer,
that Are.063 or 1/16th inch thick 

Could you not roll down some sheet and cut them out with a disc

Ryan Taylor

Here at Starr Gems in Tucson, Az we can help you with that, check
out our web-site www.silversupplies.com or give us a quick call at
1-800-882-8750 we would be happy to get you what you need, gauges
run from 18-24 that we could punch for you!


I'm looking for 20 7/8" diameter Sterling disks for a customer

The only place I’ve ever seen silver sheet close to this wide was in
the Georg Jensen Smithy in Copenhagen. There they hand raise some
huge pieces, a very large covered serving platter that finished about
18" wide and about 25" long. The big stuff is hand forged - and may
be from very thick billets.

The widest commercially available sheet is 12".

Ok, I’ve shown my ignorance - where can you get wide sheet? It is
easy to get the disks cut if you can find the material. Most metal
shops have a big circle cutter.

Great question.

Judy Hoch

These discs are available at Hoover & Strong. Call 800-759-9997 and
press 2 for sales and you’ll get all the pertinent

Steve Burns
National Account Manager
Hoover & Strong, Inc.

Hi All,

Thank you all so much for the great suggestions. I’ll be calling in
the morning. I think I did not make it clear that I needed 20 pieces
of 7/8" disks. Not 20 7/8" disks-LOL. These are going to be engraved
small disks for golfers bags for year end prizes. I should have been
more specific in my request, but got a great chuckle out of Judy
Hoch’s post. Sorry Judy, it was only through your post I realized I
wasn’t clear enough. I think the best way will be to buy the 14 gauge
and have them stamped out of that. I don’t have the punch set and
there is a time issue for this.

Thank you all for your generous it is greatly

Kind regards, Dinah.

OK - you got me - I read the request for 20 7/8 inch discs to be big
wide ones. Mea Culpa. As you have seen, 7/8 inch discs are easy to
come by - but now that I have raised the question - where would you
get silver wider than 12 inches??

Judy Hoch

The Proud new member of SAS says get wider silver from here (no
connection just a resource I have at hand)

  Stern-Leach (Sterling Prices) A Cookson Company, 49 Pearl St.,
  Attleboro, MA 02703, 508/226-2701 Fax: 508/336-4440 (RI), Fax:
  508/699-4030 (outside RI) Ask for Dennis O'Neil, VP Sales
  Administration. Discounts for pool accounts, minimum order 1
  piece of any size listed. For turn-around, please call. All
  orders must be 50+ ounces. Largest stock sheet available: 19
  5/8" x 39 3/8", maximum size available: 22" wide. 

An American Cameo Artist

I have never tought about largest size in silverplate before but now
I called my local supplier and asked. They stock 500 mm by 1000 mm
which comes to approx. 19.75 x 39.75 inch.