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[Source] Silver disk pendants


im looking for silver disk pendants with 14kgold raised edge or gold
plated raised edge such as these

if anyone knows where i can buy them or how i can make them, i would
really appreciate it

thx so much for any help


You can buy sterling sheet 6" x 6"; buy sterling wire; cut the
circles from the sterling sheet; form the sterling wire around the
sterling circles; solder the wire around the circles; and use your
engraving skills to make the message.

You really don’t want to copy Heather Moore do you? It would be
better to create something completely different inspired by her work.

Best regards,

pierce a circle of 1mm sterling silver sheet to the size
required…emery it 600grit…get some 1.5 mm 14k gold square wire
file the profile round on the viewing side measure the
circumference…bend into circle and solder the ends together…pickle
and solder it onto the silver then put a small loop for a
bail…polish gold edge… you could acid etch,sandblast,or engrave
name etc if you wanted it… easy

Isabelle- You can do this yourself.

Cut out a disc of silver. Make or buy some gold wire. Make that into
a circle. Solder it shut with gold solder. Then solder the two
together. Add the bail. Shouldn’t take more than half an hour to do.
Less with a disc cutter.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer