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[Source] Silver chains, cable, & omegas

Hello, All:

Does anyone have an economical source for quantities of silver
chains (especially snake and ball chains), silver cable, narrow
silver omegas, and various color rubber cable necklaces? I am
particularly interested in obtaining these in sizes 18" and longer.
Thank you in advance for your response.

Margaret Hardin

At the last Intergem Show, a vendor called Rita’s Sterling had
almost all of these (I didn’t see any ball chain, but that doesn’t
mean they don’t have it.

Rita's Sterling Inc. 
9820 Concord Downs Avenue. 
Las Vegas, Nevada.
(702) 362-6800 

They don’t seem to have a Web site, and they seem to only sell at
shows. I thought their prices were quite reasonable. One caveat: I
bought some cables from them that they said were 16", but when I got
them home, they were 15". Now, I measure everything that I buy from
them because they are always on the road, English is not their first
language, and I couldn’t get anybody to understand the problem in
order to make an exchange.

Linda I just ordered ball chain from this
company, and it is really good, and economical.

Ball Chain

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We get a lot of ball chains in for repair…we turn them down
because they are poorly engineered and we don’t want to be
responsible for subsequent inevitable repairs. We also won’t sell

Ron Mills,
Mills Gem Company, Los Osos, Ca.