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[Source] Silver brooch backs

Hello all,

I am looking for a supplier of sterling silver pin backs. The type
that comes as one piece rather than those that come in about three
or four pieces which take too long to attach. I bought some nice
ones in Rome a few years ago but the catalogues I have, Swest and Rio
Grande don’t have them. Any suggestions? I don’t live in the US so
can’t phone any place and will need addresses of suppliers. Also does
anyone have any great ideas on making strong but easy brooch pin
backs? I have searched in many jewelry making books but the types
they suggest never work well for expensive or heavy brooches. I did
read about using stainless steel for the pin part but wondered if
that wasn’t making the brooch ‘cheap’ Opinions?

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I know the kind you want, but have never seen them in silver. what I
do when I have a heavy broach, is to use two tie tacks one at top
and one at bottom, or one on each side of the broach depending
onthe shape and weight of the piece. - Customers seem to like them
as they fasten very securely, and stay in place. Alma

Fischer sells a lovely brooch plate in their catalog. It comes in
several sizes and is the one piece sterling pin back you are looking
for. The 30mm is order-no 328/30/S1. Their email: Their internet: Their telefax: (0 72 31 ) 310 300
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