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[Source] Shipping boxes & zip bags

I’m in need of zip-locking plastic bags that are large enough to
hold a standard sized (14 3/4"x 8 1/4"x1"?) jewelry display tray. Rio
sells bags that are 12"x15", but a Rio sales rep told me on the phone
that the bags would not seal over even a 1" deep tray. Does anyone
know where I can get zip bags that are long enough to use for this

And I also need sources for fairly shallow shipping boxes that will
hold the same size trays. None of the packaging catalogs I have here
carry boxes of that size that aren’t also really deep.
Recommendations for other suppliers, anyone? Thanks in advance!

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Motif Jewelry

Hi kathy,

I order direct from a manufacturer , If you give me the dimensions
you want, I can get the bags custom made for you Minimum order is
around 1000 bags for small ones , I am not too sure how many large
ones you have to order But it cost us nothing to try

Please Email me at @Crecent_Gems if you need any

Ahmed shareek
Crescent Gems
Your Favorite Online gem Store

Hi Kathy, Try ULINE on line It looks like they
may have something that will work for you.


What about investing in one of those plastic wrapping machines that
people use to store food in the freezer. I think they are under
$100.00 and you can custom wrap any size you want.

Also, there is a site called, their inventory changes, but
they get all types of supplies in, and they are great prices. M


Try any of the the larger museum supply companies. Polyethlene bags
are commonly used for artifact storage. Try Light Impressions or
University Products (google them). They may not be the cheapest
source, but they should have them.

Chris Hanson
Museum Curator by day…

Kathy - try Uline, They have many different
qualities and sizes that would fit your requirements for bags. They
also have boxes that are 3" deep that would fit a tray. My sister
uses them for supplies for her art projects and is happy with them.

If the depth of the boxes is a problem and you need lots of them,
some box companies will make boxes to order. Or try Xpedx - I think
that’s the name, they are good to work with and have retail stores,
at least around here.

Judy Hoch, GG

For anyone needing zip-lock type bags, the best and cheapest source
I’ve found is “The Bag Company” out of Atlanta, Georgia tel (800)
533-1931 or

They carry several different thicknesses and nearly every possible
size you can imagine, and compared to RIO, etc. they are CHEAP CHEAP


Hi Kathy,

Try Alpha Supply in Bremerton Washington. They have packing and
display material and the extra-thick polyethylene zip-lock bags in a
multitude of sizes.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

Kathy, check out Light Impressions or
800-828-6126. A wide selection of acid-free boxes. Ain’t cheap, but
high quality.

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Kathy, The Ziploc brand plastic bags that you find in the grocery
stores or Kmart type ones, come in a jumbo size that is 13 x 15
5/8". That should do for your purposes, and be easy to get. Mine is
in a box of 20 bags. I use them a lot for a great many things.

Pat Hicks

Hi Kathy,

I'm in need of zip-locking plastic bags that are large enough to
hold a standard sized (14 3/4"x 8 1/4"x1"?) jewelry display tray. 

On company that I’ve had good luck finding packaging supplies is
Uline ( 800-295-5510.

If it’s used in packaging, they probably have it. The prices are
good & their service is excellent. They have 6 distribution sites in
the US.

Usual disclaimers, just a satisfied customer.