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[Source] Sheet Copper

Can anyone recommend a supplier of sheet copper and brass, either
locally in Northern Colorado or by mail.

I have tried the local Home Depot and Hobby Lobby stores in Colorado
but have not found anything other than very thin flashing for roofs.

I am looking for various gages from 18 to 24 gage.

Greg DeMark

Greg, How large do you want your copper sheet? Allcraft sells copper
sheeting of various guages.

A satisfied customer,
jennifer friedman
Ventura, CA

I am overwhelmed by all the responses I received to this question
both through Orchid and directly. Thank you to everyone that offered
their help. I was looking for a source of copper and brass sheet and
wire for my wife. I have made jewelry for 34 years and she never
seemed to show and interest in how jewelry was made but now she would
like to start doing some Art Projects. I am thrilled to try and give
her a little direction so you have all been a big help.

Thanks again
Greg DeMark

I have been very impressed with Monsterslayer ( -
they will also make quite a number of cuts in the sheet for free,
and when I had them do that they bagged and labeled everything

Just a satisfied customer.


Greg, in the Seattle area it’s Alaskan Copper and Brass.

Dr. Mac

a supplier that our organization recently used to provide material
for a workshop is:

e. jordan brookes
10634 shoemaker ave
santa fe springs, ca 90670-4038

i have no business connection with them, other than as a satisfied
customer. i found them to be very pleasant, responsive and efficient
to deal with.

howard siegel
laptique, ltd.

Be ready for sticker shock on the price of copper, the salvage value
of copper is between $3.00 and $4.00 depending on where you live. The
price of ready to use copper is expensive, as well as copper for
doing wiring.