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[Source] Seattle gemstone supplier


I am looking for a good source for Right now I am using
mostly cabochons, with some smaller faceted stones as accents. For
the cabochons I like semi-translucent stones. While I am still
improving my stone setting I am looking for stones that are not
expensive. I like prehnite, chalcedony, moonstone, carnelian,
amethyst, etc… Could you recommend any stores in the Seattle area?
Or point me toward a reputable source online/mail order source?

I am also wondering if it is possible to buy reclaimed stones


Hello, Birgit,

I’m pleased with cabs I’ve ordered from Mr. Kulakovsky at – though the website is a time-consuming effort
to navigate.

I’m also very happy with stones I bought in person from Mr. Balagula


Hi Birget and Beth,

Thanks for the contact. I have many cabs ranging in size from around
1/4" or less to around 1 1/2". Oval, round, oblong, freeform in many
different materials. Not very good, but attached is a scan of some of
them. I tried picking out some ot the semi-translucents of what you
may be looking for, plus some others, to give you an idea. The prices
range from around 25 cents through 50 cents, $1, $2 to $3 depending
on size. Also have a range of Gemstones that could be used as accents
around $5 to $10. (Garnets, different color Tourmalines, Tsavourites
and many more). Let me know if of interest or if you have any

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Thanks & Regards,
Clive Knell
Florence SC
(843) 673-2899