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[Source] Sculpting materials

Dear People:

I am currently searching for sculpting materials that, due to my
location or the present political situation, are rather hard to
find. They are: red coral, 1"-3" thick; Canadian walrus tusk;
sperm whale tooth; elephant ivory, aged 20 yrs. or more; Canadian
narwhal tusk. I am, of course, aware of the moratoria on the
teeth/tusks, and will not accept poached items, but only that
from a reputable source, with proper documentation with the
appropriate seals of approval from the given Ministry under whose
jurisdiction these materials are. It would be most appreciated
if there were sources in Canada, but I will consider those from
afar provided any & all transactions involving info/materials are
routed through the respective embassies in Canada for approval.
I also wish to state that said materials are to be used for
one-of-a-kind artworks, as I am not interested in mass
production using them.

Daniel P. Buchanan