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[Source] Round fine silver wire

You all were so helpful when I was trying find the best price on
sterling wire (Thunderbird) so now I’m asking for help finding round
fine silver wire. I’d like 20g, 22g and 24g. Rio Grande has only 10g
round wire. I’ll be taking a class in fusing fine silver wire soon
and I’d like to have a list of suppliers before then. Thank you.

Mara Nesbitt-Aldrich

Rio for sure has more gauges than 10ga in fine silver round wire. I
routinely order multiple gauges from them. Don’t know if they’re the

Christian Stack

Mara- Does the place where you are taking classes have some draw
plates? Just get the 10 gauge and draw it down to what you need.

Have fun a dn make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Hoover and Strong carries fine silver round wire in gauges 1 thru 24


Fire Mountain Gems had your sizes I believe.

Not sure where you see that Rio Grande only has 10g–if you look at
the bottom of the link it says “more gauges available”. Click the
link to the product and a drop down box is available for gauges from
8 to 30 :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where you got the idea that Rio Grande only sells 10 ga
fine silver round wire. I’ve bought all the gauges you seek and then
some from Rio. You may want to double check that.

Mara: Try Hauser and Miller, St. Louis, MO,

for fine silver wire. Good company to work with.

Ruth Mary

I suggest Monsterslayer

Neglected on this forum, but they have a very large metal inventory,
prompt friendly service, and decent prices. This is just from my and
my friend’s experience. They appear to sell fine silver round in an
assortment of gauges.

Barbara in northern CA