[Source] Round Brilliant Diamonds

I am in search of 20 wholesale.01 carat diamonds: I in color or
higher and VS1 - VVS2.

I use Stuller pretty often but wanted to learn of any other good
resources. I don’t want to spend alot… Suggestions?


Hi tp;

I am in search of 20 wholesale .01 carat diamonds: I in color or
higher and VS1 - VVS2

Stuller isn’t the best place to buy those, pricewise, although their
quality and consistency are dependable. I’ve got sources for
considerably better prices if you email me off forum. But I wonder
why you’d want to go for such high clarity in such small stones and
yet stay on the low end of the color range. I usually use two grades
of small stones. For cases where the piece really has to have snap,
and the customer can afford it, I get VS goods (yes, in the VS range,
not specifically VS1, etc.) and G or even F color. For price
sensitive production work or when customers have a tighter budget,
I’ll get SI1 or maybe SI2-I clarity, but still at least G color,
maybe H. But in either of these two grades, I want stuff that is
nicely cut, but not necessarilly machine cut. I don’t like a lot of
varience in diameter (which Stuller no longer seems to care about).
If I’m doing channel setting, or classical pave, and the piece has to
be crisp, I’ll pop for Russian cut goods in high clarity/color. These
are pricey, but the setting is easier and comes out better. The only
cases where I’ll buy lower that SI2 or at least strong I1 and
anything lower than H color is for replacing the junk stones in stuff
that comes in for repair. “Promotional” grade is for Wal Mart
jewelry, of course, and sometimes that’s even too good.

David L. Huffman