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Well I’ve been on the web for many a day and night, looking for a
particular item.

I have some rings which fit oddly. I have thin fingers, but several
of my knuckles are either arthritic or injured, or both. I’ve tried
all kinds of things over the many years and many rings I’ve had and
enjoyed. I’ve tried the ring guards - the kind soldered into the
ring, and ALL those things like the little beads and even the
"disposable" ones that are supposedly like wearing nothing. They cut
my fingers…

I used to use the semicircular inserts, made of plastic or nylon,
but cannot find these anywhere. They used to be available through
jewelers or mail order, but everyone I’ve asked has not seen them in
a long time. I used to wear them, and found them comfortable and
effective. In fact, they have been the only solution for me.

Has anyone seen these, or can anyone tell me where I might order

I’ve tried searching on ring, insert, re-size, fit and all of those
in combination, but no matter how I arrange the search string I get
TONS of hits. Thanks a million, -Mary Beth

Hi Mary Beth,

I just bought a set of these from Rio Grande in the last year, or
so. There are three each of about eight ring sizes in three different
widths. A little excessive for personal use… but I don’t think
they’re offered individually by jewelry supply companies.

Hope this helps!


Frei & Borel used to sell those plastic inserts, perhaps they could
give you a lead

Hi I Work at a store in Leesville LA. and we got some plastic sizers
at Stullers. But we have this thing called finger mate, it’s a
little expenssive but it’s for people who has arthritis. The bottom
of the shank opens up in half to put it on or take it off then once
on you close it. Craig L. in Louisiana

Mary Beth, The plastic ‘ring guards’ which fit inside the shank are
available by mail order from Walter Drake company.

We sell and install the Superfit locking shank, which opens to go
over your knuckle and then locks closed on your finger. They are not
inexpensive, but I think they are the best of the available shanks
for this purpose. They are available in MANY sizes and widths, and
various precious metals.

If you are a jeweler, you can open an account with them and buy
directly, but you have to know how to properly install them, or you
create an expensive piece of gold scrap. David Barzilay, Lord of the

Just an FYI…I did just hear back from Rio Grande - They no longer
carry the plastic ring inserts. The search continues!

-Mary Beth

Hi, Andrea! Thank you for replying! I am brand new to this web site,
and to yours - No, They simply told me that Rio Grande no longer
carries them. Thanks to one of the folks here at Orchid, I did find
some through Walter Drake - one of those mail order houses that sell
all kinds of little doo dads for the home - but they are not like the
ones I was looking for. They are basically a strip of plastic you cut
to size. I’m sure that if I can’t find the ones I was looking for
that these will be the best solution so far, but I’d still like to
see if I can find the kind I used to wear, which looked a little more

I’ve had some nice and helpful replies here - regarding cutting
rings and inserting a clasp/spring - but at least 2 of the rings I
need to address are platinum wedding bands with diamonds set the
whole way around. On my wedding ring, I’m too sentimental to cut it
or modify it - there was a cute story about the ring being too big,
then my husband and I could not get vacation time, so we eloped,
then the ring came with us, and it almost fell offf during the
ceremony. My engagement ring hold it on, but it’s really too large.
I also have some problems with my fingers changing size - not just
knuckle swelling, but more hormone related, so even the “surgical
methods” with a hinge wouldn’t really work for me.

Thanks again for replying!
-Mary Beth

Dear Mary Beth: I have had some luck in making an unorthodox ring
guard for a “Ring of Stones”–about 10 small cabs, each in it’s own
bezel and connected endlessly all around. I used a piece of
matching metal (in this case fine silver) in 24 or 26 gauge,
depending on how much room I needed to take up. Made a very narrow
ring that fit exactly inside the original. In one ring the stones
were already set, and I had the inner ring laser-welded in four
spots. However, that didn’t hold very long, so I finally had to
suggest just using daps of epoxy in four places, and simply redoing
them when they wore out. That worked very well! In the second
ring, I had not yet set the stones so I was able solder the inner
ring on the inside of the outer ring. After placing it and
soldering it, I then finished the edges to conform to the shape of
the outer ring, so that the insert didn’t show at all. In one
situation, the ring was too big without the insert and too small
with it, so I used half a circle, and fastened it to the inside of
the ring at the two ends, so that the middle of the insert was
somewhat flexible. By the way, the insert ring work hardened quite
well in my small tumbler and provided just the amount of give it
needed. I hope this is all clear–please ask questions if it isn’t.