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[Source] Riker mounts

hi1 am new to this list, but have been reading with great interest
all the posts. I do have a question. I am looking for Riker Mounts, (
the things that you displayed butterflies and bugs when in schhol) I
need the 16x20 size. can someone help me find a wholesale source for
these? thanks

Hi Marlene,

Try “The Caprock”, in Milan, IL. Phone: 309-756-5582. They have a
great variety of display, packaging, and sales oriented products for
jewelry and lapidary people. Their Web site
( seems to be having performance issues
this morning…

P.S. You can usually find them at a G&LW wholesale show, if you’ve
got one coming to your area.

All the best,

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Try Johnson Brothers in California- I believe that they manufacture
them. Sorry, I seem to have lost their number, but you can find it in
Lapidary Journal.

The phone number for Johnson Brothers F.C., Inc. for Riker Mounts is
(818) 705 7400. They are located in California.

Other sources for Riker Mounts aRe:

Alpha Supply, Inc. in Seattle, WA (206) 625 0564 or 800 257 4211

Arizona Case - (623) 931 3691 or 800 528 0195. Their website is

Diane Sadel