[Source] Replacement blades for pepe jumpring maker

I purchased a Pepe Jump Ring Maker and would like to purchase some
replacement blades at a reasonable cost. Somewhere I had read a
posting that someone was purchasing in bulk. I have been googleing
for replacement blades and can only find them at full retail. Does
anyone have a source for replacement blades at a reasonable cost?

Thanks John

I am also interested in participating in a bulk buy. I would need
more than one blade. I would also like any and all tips on how to
make a blade last long. I would also love to find these blades made
of stronger metal or laser cut or something.


I cut thousands of rings to make my work. I use a Jump Ringer ™
made my Ray Grossman, which is the tool I would recommend. I have
used the Pepe Jump Ring Maker, and I would recommend the Jump

BLADES: I buy replacement blades from Travers Tools, Inc. They are
called “Jewelers H.S.S.Slotting Saw” H.S.S. = High Speed Steel. I buy
the one described thus “Hole Size: 3/8” Number of Teeth: 120
Thickness:.008" SIZE : 1-1/4" which has a Travers item # 10-200-065
for $7.87/ea. Here is the link:


Last time I ordered from Travers, they still had a $25 minimum
order, but that’s only 4 saw blades and I don’t generally buy fewer
than 5 at a time anyway.

If you have trouble with the above URL, you can go to my web site
(www.julialowther.com) and look for “Suppliers” under “Info for
Students”. The price per blade is out-dated, but the rest of the
info. is the same.


PS the blades I buy from Travers Tool will fit the Jump Ringer ™
by Ray Grossman, the Pepe Jump Ring Maker, and the Koil Kutter by
Dave Arens.