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[Source] Replacement blades for pepe jumpring maker


I purchased a Pepe Jump Ring Maker and would like to purchase some
replacement blades at a reasonable cost. Somewhere I had read a
posting that someone was purchasing in bulk. I have been googleing
for replacement blades and can only find them at full retail. Does
anyone have a source for replacement blades at a reasonable cost?

Thanks John


I am also interested in participating in a bulk buy. I would need
more than one blade. I would also like any and all tips on how to
make a blade last long. I would also love to find these blades made
of stronger metal or laser cut or something.



I cut thousands of rings to make my work. I use a Jump Ringer ™
made my Ray Grossman, which is the tool I would recommend. I have
used the Pepe Jump Ring Maker, and I would recommend the Jump

BLADES: I buy replacement blades from Travers Tools, Inc. They are
called “Jewelers H.S.S.Slotting Saw” H.S.S. = High Speed Steel. I buy
the one described thus “Hole Size: 3/8” Number of Teeth: 120
Thickness:.008" SIZE : 1-1/4" which has a Travers item # 10-200-065
for $7.87/ea. Here is the link:

Last time I ordered from Travers, they still had a $25 minimum
order, but that’s only 4 saw blades and I don’t generally buy fewer
than 5 at a time anyway.

If you have trouble with the above URL, you can go to my web site
( and look for “Suppliers” under “Info for
Students”. The price per blade is out-dated, but the rest of the
info. is the same.


PS the blades I buy from Travers Tool will fit the Jump Ringer ™
by Ray Grossman, the Pepe Jump Ring Maker, and the Koil Kutter by
Dave Arens.