[Source] Refractory Mortar furnace

Hello Orchidians,

Once again we are turning to you again to lend us a hand to find for
us a firm who could supply us with a cylindrical open furnace
container made of refractory mortar which can withstand heat above
the 2000 degrees F. As you are all aware, we use this type of
furnace to molten metal where the latter is placed in a graphite
crucible and then in the cylindrical furnace, the traditional type
of melting metal, and then a propane flame is applied on the side of
it. Any help is mostly appreciated. Thank you.


Joseph: I built a blast furnace about 15 years ago in my back Yard…
It measured 24" high x 12" inside diam. and it has a 4" thick wall
and a 4" bottom. I contacted a Refractory cement co. in Los angeles
and went and talked to the people and told them what I wanted and
they sole me the refractory cement to do the job I used a
Volkswagon wheel for the top and filled it full of the cement and
built a device to lift the top up and pivot it out of the way si

I could load the furnace with crucible and bronze.

I set it up to use bottle gas which I have used and it will melt
23lb. bronze in 45 minutes from cold start.

I went to El Camino Coledge and asked the prof if I could look at
their furnice and take measurements and he gave me permioion and it
came out great. I am a certified field welder for heavy gage metal
so it was easy to do the project.

If you need more help e-mail me and I will be glad to give you
further pointers on making the furnace. Yours: Billy S. Bates