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[Source] Real rokusho

Hi Guys,

Searching the web for the real product is a nightmare, you just end
up with Gameboy references!!!

Does anyone know a supplier of real Rokusho, not the artist chemical

Regards Charles A.

Reactive metals has it.

James Binnion


I am sure that you have done this but… just in case. I called
Sculpt Nouveau and they did not have the patina. They did suggest to
look up the formula in Wikapedia. I did that found it, but that may
be the artist chemical that you are talking about.

I will be interested to see where you find it.

Charles, Our Rokusho is made in Japan. It is the real thing made by
the same company for decades. Our connection with the company was set
up a few years ago by Eitoku Sugimori author of “Japanese Patinas”.
If you have further doubts ask me. Do you read Japanese? I will scan
the labels and show you.

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

I will scan the labels and show you. 

Why would I doubt you? I’m downloading your catalogue as I type :slight_smile:

Regards Charles A.


Try Reactive Metals in USA. They also sell the Japanese alloys.


Try Reactive Metals in USA. 

I’ve got their catalogue now, an order will go through after my day
surgery (maybe a little time to recover… nothing serious).

I’ll be making the alloys myself (because I like to and I can :wink: )

Regards Charles A