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[Source] Quality Steel wire

Does any one out there have a good source to buy jewelry quality
steel wire? I am looking for the high quality wire that I have seen
on some German very modern pieces.

TIA, Teri


Check  out Small Parts in Miami. They supply everyone from

hobbyists to the aerospace and medical industries. You will find
miniature screws, bearings, all sorts of stuff, including sheet and
wire in many different metals. I get a stainless wire from them to
use for pin stems. It comes straight and polished, and is soft enough
to thread without annealing.

Douglas Zaruba
35 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-1107

Try Small Parts for a great selection of stainless wires mesh etc.

Marilyn Smith

I get it from Corfil in Montreal.


for all types of high quality wiRe: